Welcome to T.S.M.

The vision of this institute is to impart quality medical services to the all sections of the society and further improve the health scenario of the State. The college maintains high standards of medical education conforming to the guidelines laid down by the Medical Council of India to ensure that we bridge the treatment gap for medical care in the community. Quality education leads to quality living. Life, nourished with knowledge of the highest order, not just stirs up your potential, it also takes you beyond your capabilities. Obsessed with the idea to transform education from being a cluster of well-understood subject to becoming well-adapted aspects and principles of life the has conceptualized T.S. Misra Medical College and Hospital as a "Centre of Excellence" in medical education, medicare, training and research. The college is affiliated to Dr. Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. TSM is offering comprehensive patient care with a humane touch on charitable basis for the benefit of the poor and needy.
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